Acidity ,Heart Burn explain by dr.vikas nagi

The Digestion Process: Ingested food passes down the oesophagus (food pipe) into the stomach. Stomach cells produce mucus which protects the stomach lining from damage from digestive acids and chemicals, produced by the stomach itself. The oesophagus cell linings are more delicate and have little protection from acid. A sphincter (a ring of muscule thatContinue reading “Acidity ,Heart Burn explain by dr.vikas nagi”

things to take care during taking sexual treatment

1. Avoid citrus 2.Avoid tight cloths 3.Do not intake pepper 4.Drink more water 5.Walk regularly 6.Limit sexual relations if advised by doctor 7.Avoid spices and chiness food 8.Increase intake of milk and milk products 9.take adequate sleep 1

Prevention of Infertility : By Dr.NAGI sexologist

┬áPrevention of Infertility Prevention is difficult because of the lack of understanding of the causes of most types of male infertility. Mumps orchitis is such a rare cause of infertility, immunization for this disease will have little impact. It is important to recognize that subfertility often is a couple problem, both partners contributing. Therefore, generalContinue reading “Prevention of Infertility : By Dr.NAGI sexologist”