things to take care during taking sexual treatment

1. Avoid citrus 2.Avoid tight cloths 3.Do not intake pepper 4.Drink more water 5.Walk regularly 6.Limit sexual relations if advised by doctor 7.Avoid spices and chiness food 8.Increase intake of milk and milk products 9.take adequate sleep 1

How Can We Reduce Belly Fat with Ayurveda By: Dr.Nagi

According to Ayurveda, belly fat can cause an increase in the kapha dosha. Belly fat can be reduced by eating a healthy diet, following an active lifestyle and avoiding afternoon siestas. This deposit of excess fat around the abdomen can be reduced if the below-mentioned tips are employed. Take Care Of The Following Avoid SugarContinue reading “How Can We Reduce Belly Fat with Ayurveda By: Dr.Nagi”


Ayurveda has its own importance in the field of sexology. (Rasayan & Vajikaran) This is the only way by which sexual problems can be treated.  In Ayurveda only herbal medicines just like single drug therapy is also very much effective in many sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, etc.As Ashwaganda, Shatavri are the best drug to use as a singleContinue reading “WHY AYURVEDIC MEDICINES ARE BEST FOR SEX PROBLEMS ?”