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Salt is Critical for Survival:

Pure Natural Salt is critical for maintaining and triggering critical life processes. We are exposed to increased air, water, and soil pollution and toxicity than ever before, putting a lot of stress on the immune system and overloads the body’s ability to detoxify. The body weakens through an overly acidic condition of the blood and tissues. When this happens, a proliferation of yeast, fungus, bacteria, mold and viruses attack your system, releasing their waste by-products into the cellular fluid which distributes it throughout the body, creating further acidic conditions, leading to disease.

Maintaining a healthy acid-alkaline balance is crucial to well being, supporting health, vitality, and restoring the body’s natural ability to heal.  This is where Natural Salt plays a critical role.

Benefits of Natural Salt:

Sharpens vital brain functions, improves mental clarity,Anti-aging; rids the body of acidic wastes that cause degeneration.Peaceful, relaxed quality of energy, better moods, positive thoughts.Ease cramps, constipation, digestive disorders.Regulates and purifies critical body fluid levels.Purifying, detoxifying to the blood.Stronger libido, sexual vitality, more vigor.Essential minerals replenishes vital electrolytes.Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently by the body.Foods cooked with salt taste better.

Table Salt v/s Natural Salt:

Commercial refined salt is not only stripped of all its minerals, besides sodium and chloride, but is also chemically cleaned, bleached and heated at unnecessary high temperatures.

In addition, it is treated with anti-caking agents which prevent salt from mixing with water in the salt container. These agents also prevent dissolving within our system leading to build up and then deposit in organs and tissue, causing severe health problems.

things to take care during taking sexual treatment

1. Avoid citrus

2.Avoid tight cloths

3.Do not intake pepper

4.Drink more water

5.Walk regularly

6.Limit sexual relations if advised by doctor

7.Avoid spices and chiness food

8.Increase intake of milk and milk products

9.take adequate sleep


Ashwagandha Increase energy and reduce stress By DR.Vikas Nagi B.A.M.S , MHA , M.D [alt]


Dr.Nagi  ( Ashwagandha)
Dr.Nagi ( Ashwagandha)

Have you ever noticed that stress seems to push the pause button on your memory? During times of increased stress, our memory can turn from razor sharp to MIA (missing in action).
As we navigate the minefield of modern living, it’s not just memory we need to worry about. It is important to pay attention to all the clues that tell us our body, mind, and emotions are dealing with stress. Some common signs of stress include anxiety, lack of focus, memory problems, digestive troubles, and occasional trouble sleeping.
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) offers a way to balance the body’s response to stress. Grown in India and other areas of the Middle East, it’s been used for many millennia as a medicinal herb. It is well known as one of Ayurveda’s most prominent rasayanas or life extenders. Classified today as an adaptogen, Ashwagandha is credited for a host of important benefits, including energy-increasing and stress-reducing properties, and its ability to activate a healthy immune response.
The stout and fleshy Ashwagandha shrub’s name have a humorous translation. In Sanskrit its name means “smelling like a horse or mare,” which we translate today as “strong as a horse.” But giggles aside, the plant contains alkaloids called withanolides that show relaxant and antispasmodic effects. These give Ashwagandha its reputation as a stress buster with overall adaptogenic benefits resulting in general good health and wellness.
Ashwagandha’s long history of traditional health use is supported by clinical studies on animals that verify its ability to
Increase energy and physical endurance
Strengthen the immune system
Reduce inflammation
Reduce anxiety and depression
Improve memory and brain function
Support normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol
Promote restful sleep
Ashwagandha’s antioxidant effect on brain cells has also been studied. A 2011 study from India showed the herb’s potential preventive effect on oxidative stress levels in the brains of mice and its potential use as a therapeutic agent to treat neurodegenerative disorders.
Used worldwide in nutritional supplements and herbal medicines, a review of the ever-widening library of scientific literature on Ashwagandha shows that it appears to exert a positive influence on the endocrine and central nervous systems.
The next time you’re going crazy trying to remember what’s next in your hectic schedule, or you’re stuck in traffic and your fight-or-flight response has you jumping through the sunroof of your car, remember history’s antistress herb, Ashwagandha. It can help boost your brain, help you unwind, and relieve your fatigue.

About the Author
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AYURVEDA , ANXIETY and Recomendations by Dr.Vikas Nagi (ayurvedacharya)

AYURVEDA , ANXIETY and Recomendations by Dr.Vikas Nagi (ayurvedacharya)

Anxiety is the comprehensive term used for psychosomatic disorders which are characterized by excessive worrying, unnatural fears, excessive nervousness and uneasiness.Anxietyis becoming much common in younger age groups now a days, especially younger men and women from multi-national companies and other industrial groups.


Anxiety is involved in most of the diseases and works as a cause for all these diseases. So, if we have ability to control the anxiety, we can almost control most of the diseases. This is the basic thought through which we can achieve “Complete Health”.

The most common symptoms of anxiety are fast pulse, excess sweating, Heart palpitations, headache, INSOMNIA, restlessness, breathlessness, nervousness, imaginary fear, hyperactivity, difficulty in concentration, confusions and tendency to be irritable without an obvious cause.

According to “Ayurveda” Anxiety or manovaha strota vyadhi is caused as a result of vikriti of manovaha strota due to aggravation or vitiated Prana Vata, which weakens the Central Nervous System and triggers the psychological imbalance. It also affects the Neuro-Hormonal functions. The root causes for anxiety are improper diet and life style that leads the distressed state of mind causes the negative feelings.

Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach to manage and heal it through diet, classical herbal medicines and yoga along with meditation.
Diet Recommended for Anxiety:-

Lord of Ayurveda,Dhanvantari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• Eat a healthy, whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. All fruits & vegetables have Magnesium, which is essential for managing the blood pressure and psychological health.
• Keep away from processed foods and eat more natural products, these will lift your moods and calm anxiety.

• Foods to avoid: Fizzy drinks, Tea, Coffee, processed food, White bread, Chips, Pastry, Cakes, Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol, Chocolate, Cheese, Fast Food.
• Pickles, yoghurt and other acid forming foods are not good for you.
• Minimize consumption of spices. Your food should be calming in nature not too much exciting.

Lifestyle Recommended for Anxiety:-

• Good sleep:. A proper sleep relaxes both body and the mind. It improves your mood and recovers the ability of mind to deal with daily stress.
• Take a break from routine work and spend some time with your friends and relatives. It works as a great anxiety barrier.

• Listen calm music: Listening calm music decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels.

Ayurvedic Herbs Recommended for Anxiety:

 Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricalus),

Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica),

Brahmi (Bacopa monniera)

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera),

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)

are examples of herbs which are effectively used in Classical Ayurvedic Medicines or as home remedy in anxiety.

Yoga Recommended for Anxiety:



Vajra – asana,