1) Medha-janana – (Promotion of memory, intellect and talent). The properties of honey, Ghee and Gold are equally favorable to the mental progress of a child. Honey, ghee are rich sources of carbohydrates and fat respectively, these may provide energy to the child even used in small quantity.2) Ayushya – (For longevity): It is forContinue reading “Benefits of SUVARNA PRASHAN”

Suvarana Prashana @ Dr.Nagi Clinic Ambala

Suvarna-Prashan, is one of a splendid methods, specially mentioned for newborn babies and infants. It is also useful in early prenatal period with the aim to boost their immunity and overall health including higher mental health. Acharya Kashyap was the first ancient pediatrician in the world. He has advised Suvarna-Lehena with honey and ghee. CharakaContinue reading “Suvarana Prashana @ Dr.Nagi Clinic Ambala”

Ayurveda Remedy to Improve strength for last long time.

Physical disorders which hamper your intimate life can prove to be an embarrassment when it disrupts intimacy between you and your partner. To alleviate such problems, modern treatment processes have developed rapidly over the last couple of years in order to provide the best results and that too, within a very short period of time.Continue reading “Ayurveda Remedy to Improve strength for last long time.”