Genital Infection & it’s effects of sex life

INTRODUCTION TO GENITAL INFECTIONGenital infection and inflammation are one of the common disorders in male. However, these symptoms, many-a-times goes unnoticed and the condition affects the sexual life of the patient. The genital disorders, especially those affecting the penile health lead to reduced sexual life and decreased libido. Some of the common genital disorders includeContinue reading “Genital Infection & it’s effects of sex life”

Ayurveda Guidelines for preventive health and boosting Immunity

Ministry of #AYUSH recommends the following self-care guidelines for preventive health measures and boosting immunity with special reference to respiratory health. These are supported by Ayurvedic literature and scientific publications.Recommended MeasuresI General Measures Drink warm water throughout the day. Daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and meditation for at least 30 minutes as advised by MinistryContinue reading “Ayurveda Guidelines for preventive health and boosting Immunity”