1) Medha-janana – (Promotion of memory, intellect and talent). The properties of honey, Ghee and Gold are equally favorable to the mental progress of a child. Honey, ghee are rich sources of carbohydrates and fat respectively, these may provide energy to the child even used in small quantity.
2) Ayushya – (For longevity): It is for ensuring a long, healthy and happy life for the child.
3) Strength – (For physical strength to the newborn). Physician may observe for routine in terms of improved sucking and swallowing reflexes of neonate.
4) Immune system – (To improve Rog Pratikar Shakti). Immune systems towards diseases become very powerful.
5) Recall memory becomes very strong (ShrutaDhara).
6) Improves digestion power.
7) Tones up skin colour (Fair and radiant skin)
8) Growth of Mind and body faster than usual.
9) Anti-toxic power increases.
10) Imparts strong protection against variety of infections.
11) It provides a protection shield during seasonal changes and diseases attributed to these changes.

Published by Vaidya Vikas Nagi

I am Ayurvedic practioner. Working with full dedication to treat peopel . My aim is to bring healthy future.

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