How to Increase Sperm Count with Ayurveda By DR.NAGI

IMAGE showing sperms and ova

How to Increase Sperm Count with Ayurveda
An increase in the temperature of the testicles reduces sperm count. So, wear loose undergarments, wash testicles with cold water and avoid hot showers and saunas.
Massaging the body with oil, a technique known as abhayanga in Ayurveda, increases blood circulation and sperm count. Abhayanga slackens aging, boosts health and increases the libido.
Restrict masturbation and frequent sex, as continual ejaculations reduce the density of the semen.
Alcohol consumption and smoking affect the liver and cause a dramatic rise in oestrogen levels. This results in low sperm count.
Keep your weight in check as weight increase causes hormonal imbalances which in turn reduce testosterone levels in males. Exercise regularly and stay fit.
Eat a nutritious, low fat diet which is high in proteins, vegetables and whole grains.
Reduce stress by regular meditation and yoga. Psychological factors such as stress and strain are known to reduce sperm count.
There are some herbal remedies also to increase sperm count with ayurveda. Certain herbs, known as bajikaran dravya in ayurveda are known to increase the sperm count as well as their quality.


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