Low Sperm Count As a Major Cause of Male Infertility.

If a man is unable to get his partner to conceive after having a year of unprotected sexual intercourse perhaps it is time to consider matters rather more seriously. In males, one of the ways to assess fecundity is to evaluate the quantity of sperms produced. Low sperm count is one of the major causes of male infertility and this condition rarely manifests concrete signs. Thus, when planning to have a child, consider having some fertility assessments to determine if there are grounds of male infertility. Male infertility refers to the inability of a male to reproduce within a year of trying. Infertilities in males can be caused by different factors, and a large percentage of this is related to low sperm count. The count is “low” when less than 20 million healthy sperms are present per one ml of ejaculate. It is true that only one sperm is needed and will impregnate an egg. Once a sperm fertilized the egg, the other sperms can no longer fertilize it. Even so a great number of sperms are necessary since they improve the odds of fertilization to occur. Conversely, no one can say that a man with a low sperm number will be totally incapable of impregnating his mate.His sperms, as long as they are healthy and motile, can fertilize an egg. However, with only one traveling in finding the gem the chances are low. The less number of sperms, the less chances a male has in getting his mate pregnant and father a child. Low sperm count conditions are not permanent. In some instances, this condition is only temporary. This transient low sperm count may be caused by an exposure to critical factors. These factors include testicular injury, exposure to heat and other environmental factors, smoking, drugs, alcohol, some prescribed drugs, obesity, malnutrition, and stress. To improve the number of sperm, it is therefore crucial not to expose yourself to these factors. Exercising daily can also help lose excess weight and obesity. Try not to stress out yourself with casual routines. Also, avoid saunas and hot tubs. Couple this with eating a balanced diet and healthier lifestyle. In no time your sperm count will be boosted and returns back to normal. Following these simple tips can help improve sperm count and restore your fertility. A sufficient sperm count is necessary if you and your partner have been trying to have a child.

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